White Oak

Quercus alba (lat)

Technical characteristics

Board width- up to 60 cm
Board length- from 1, 8m to 5 m
Hardness - 6, 0 kn

In myths and legends of northern people the oak is a symbol of stability and reliability, and after all it’s almost the most important quality at a choice of floor coverings! Therefore oak floors are considered traditionally to be one of the strongest and durable, and fabulous sturdiness to external influences makes them a universal variant practically for any premise. By the way, floors made out of this wood were used in many European castles and palaces and, after centuries, they still have a magnificent appearance – time does a power of good for them, covering oak floors with a noble patina. Natural color of White Oak, the native of the East and Northern leafy woods of the USA and Canada, varies from white to light brown or pink / red-brown, and its wood is painted evenly and can be exposed to any kinds of finishing work. This wood has a very expressive structure with straight and simple fibers.