Millettia laurentii (lat)

Technical characteristics

Board width- up to 30 cm
Board length- from 1, 2m to 4, 5 m
Hardness - 7, 2 kn

Noble dark shades from treacle-brown to the intense color of bitter chocolate with black streaks prevail in color scale of this Western Africa native. The large structure of wood testifies to its origin: steady and tremendously decorative fibers forming this wood send you directly to the African art canons. Wenge looks perfect in a combination with light species of a tree (maple, ash-tree, etc.).
Wenge wood practically does not have any enemies. This wood is resistant to pressure, blows, bending. Even fungus and insects cannot do any harm to it! Having such solidity and reliability this wood is very hard to be polished that is why wax finishing is recommended for Wenge. This floor will serve you for a very long time and will stay as stylish and beautiful as on a day of its creation.