Red elm

Ulmus rubra (lat)

Technical characteristics

Board width- up to 18 cm
Board length- from 1, 8m to 3 m
Hardness - 3, 8 kn

Shades of Red Elm represent a rare combination of a core of warm, red-brown or dark brown tone and sapwood of colder, light grey or beige color. The structure of this wood reminds a large grain, it consists mainly of direct strips, but at times there are samples with the blocked spiral fibers. Elm wood possesses a number of respectable advantages. It is sufficiently solid, weighty and flexible. Herewith it is notable for its increased resistance to impact stress and it is practically not deformed after finishing work. Elm is very good for all kind of finishing work: polishing, grinding and toning. Isn’t it an ideal base for your interior?