Antique Oak

Technical characteristics

Board width- up to 35 cm
Board length- from 0, 9m to3, 5 m
Hardness - 5, 5 kn

Imagine village area in the East of the USA. Two centuries ago. Best quality boards of white and red oaks are selected to build houses, factories and barns.
And now America at present days. Beige and brown wood with so called “tigrine” effect sustained within two centuries to a perfect condition becomes a unique material to create exclusive floors. This floor is not just one element of your interior décor, it is the real story told by marks from water, Sun and ancient nails, checks, wormholes and traces from sawing up, by all these colors with which time draws its picture. Such floors will catch fancy of those who really care about the present state of forests. No one tree is cut down to create these floors!