Carya (lat)

Technical characteristics

Board width- up to 35 cm
Board length- from 1,8m to 4,5 m
Hardness - 8,1 kn

If stability, reliability and ability to resist to any tricks of fortune are on the first place in the list of your priorities, you should get acquainted with a truly American native named Hickory. This wood overcame the Ice Age and it was 50 million years ago! Wood substance of Hickory is so solid and strong that at the time of first settlements rims for wheels and even axe handles were made of it. Besides, this wood is extremely beautiful: the core colour is noble brown, mysterious reddish or with graceful beige shade and it forms the successful union with sapwood of an ivory color, and the structure varies from thin straight lines to wavy fibres. Moreover, if you want to polish, paint it darker or bleach you will be surprised with the results.
Pecan is nonrigid and it keeps these qualities within hundreds of years. That’s why it considers being ideal to make ladders out of it, for example. However Hickory floors will make any interior beautiful, whether it is a country or exquisite style. It is especially important if you want to emphasize naturalness of your floor.