Radial Cut

The plane cut passes through a trunk core. This method allows getting an equal structure with a strait drawing formed by taking out wood ray. Color of such boards is homogeneous, as the distance between rings turns out to be minimal.

Radial cut boards floor is resistant to the effects of the external environment and it is not subject to deformation.

This method is rather expensive since the output of the material from one log is small. However it’s belonging to a high price category and it makes this floor exclusive and worthy of real connoisseurs attention.

Tangential Cut

Tangential cut is specified by that is made tangentially to a growth layer of a trunk so it passes in a distance from the core. As a result of this cut board width can reach up to 60 cm, thus bright structure and contour delicacy are rather distinct. Floors made of tangential cut boards represent real work of art as drawings created by wavy growth layers are so bright and vivid.