Technical caracteristics

Board width- up to 30 cm
Board length- from 0,9m to 3,5 m
Hardness - 1,5 kn

If while disputing about modernity and vintage you take a side with the last one it means that Barnwood floor is the best choice for you. The original home of Barnwood is American buildings (as a rule they are barns, but sometimes domestic buildings) which are older than hundred years and they are to be pulled down. In these buildings boards are taken out with much accuracy trying to keep the antique charm. Not milled ashen-brown boards keeping traces of bygone years and concealing in aura of many generations are offered to admirers of an untouched vintage. If their surface seems to you too soft, there is another variant- milled barnwood boards from which the upper layer is removed and thereby the unique patina of a “tasty” orange shade appears. Such creation of time can’t be recreated artificially!
Wood, which was used to build barns formerly, is the Canadian white pine (80%), hemlock or spruce.