American cherry

Prunus serotina (lat)

Technical characteristics

Board width- up to 30 cm
Board length- from 1, 8m to 4, 5 m
Hardness - 4, 2 kn

Cherry belongs to Pink Woods. In spite of its solidity and hardness cherry is a very warm and gentle species of wood. Its shade varies from juicy red-brown to soft creamy-white, and the structure represents a pattern of fancifully bent lines, "ticks" and "small knots". Under the influence of light Cherry floors are getting darker in due course and their color is getting more solid, deep and golden. This wood is very good for finishing work and after this work it becomes exclusively smooth.
Noble qualities of this wood make cherry floors ideal to be used at the assembly rooms and in any other premises. They can turn any of them into unique sample of the magnificent interior.