American Dark Walnut

Juglans nigra (lat)

Technical characteristics

Board width- up to 50 cm
Board length- from 1, 2m to 4 m
Hardness - 4, 5 kn

Walnut is native of Eastern and Central parts of the USA. It is an extremely beautiful tree, its core is notable for deep and rich color of dark chocolate in which due to slow growth, and specific patterns in the form of craters are formed. The Walnut sapwood is rather small and has more light and creamy shade. Each board is decorated with a small amount of knots which makes it unique. In due course nut floors become covered with a refined patina and get glossier.
Walnut is good for finishing work and it is often used in combination with light species of wood (e.g. Maple) to create a dynamic contrast. Walnut floors can be used in different premises. They look good in the interior of country houses. Dark shades are ideal for libraries, offices and other public spaces where you wish to create warm atmosphere and emphasize luxury of the interior.